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News Roundup: September 2011

I was contemplating whether to avoid publishing September’s news as I didn’t have much to say. The team worked on getting stuff done, but there’s nothing to show or talk about publicly yet. When that thought felt like a cop out – I got my act together. So here I am, updating the September news in the middle of October.

The thing is some projects, much like rockets, don’t always take off according to schedule. The trick is to keep working on the engines.

So here’s the progress report on all engine maintenance for September:

  • Just for fun and also for experimentation we rewrote Mooblr in Ruby. Impressive really – writing Mooblr in PHP took 10 months, rewriting it in PHP took 5 days.
  • The Wicked Pixel is live. Still have some theme tweaks to deal with. In the interim, feel free to submit your e-commerce store examples via Twitter or the contact form.
  • A ton of client project challenges solved.
  • Played around with the idea of launching two other apps (boxrockit.com and machinerepublic.com) before Mooblr. The timing for launching them is just right. The end result is that we are going to do just that.
  • Twitter account grew to 231
  • We’re looking for awesome product photos for Mooblr’s e-commerce themes. If you are or know of a great product photographer that has photos to sell, please contact us.

Look forward to Wixel releases and adventure in October and November. We sure are!

Have a happy October!

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