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News Roundup: April 2011

This roundup is a notch late. We apologize, it’s just that the Royal Wedding reruns took up more time than we bargained for.

If you don’t quite understand what the whole thing is about, it’s okay. Think of the royal wedding as a Steve Jobs keynote, but for girls. We loved the whole show – the dress, the attendees and their ridiculous outfits, the ceremony, naughty Harry, the hot sister, the Royal kiss – hell we even loved the fact that Lady Gaga generously donated old hats to some attendees.

If you aren’t sure what you’ll be doing with yourself now that the Royal Wedding is over – fear not. The Queen has opened bidding on Prince Harry.

Entertainment aside, we’ve had a busy April at Wixel Headquarters.
  • We’re working on a commerce project for folks in Colorado.
  • Almost done tweaking the Mooblr Theme SDK before public release. We’d like to assure you that our perfectionism will deliver a beautifully designed and robust product.
  • We filled all design positions as advertised last month. Yay!
  • The month was once again packed with many business meetings.
  • We attended the Authority Rules webinars. Interacting with the attendees online reminds you how small technology has made the world.
  • We released Druid, an experimental PHP MVC Framework, on GitHub
  • Wixel following is at 156 followers. More importantly we are really enjoying meeting and talking to folks on Twitter. Follow us and talk to us about e-commerce.
  • I was a bit slack with the photos this month. I’ll get my act together in May.
  • Remember our e-commerce reading lists.
  • Have a merry May!

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