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Mooblr’s Story (V1)

To be a business, is to have a story to tell. This is the story of Mooblr.

Mooblr is the smarter, simpler and more elegant way to sell online. It realizes our vision that an online store can be simple to setup, easy to manage, incorporate sophisticated but sleek processes and boast mindful design. Both robust and beautiful!


I was experimenting with e-commerce platforms while working on one of my pet projects, a t-shirt store destined for FeistyFemale.com. No e-commerce platform pleased me. Luckily I met Sean who had already coded, what he called, a social e-commerce network.

I shared some thoughts, needs and crazy visions with Sean. Those ideas changed the course of Mooblr’s development and next thing we were partners.

Setting up online businesses is not as easy as some people make it out to be. It requires skill. Skill, however, changes your expectations of technology. There are many e-commerce platforms out there, but finding a platform in a landscape changed by social media, geo-location and design, is a whole different ball game.


Mooblr has been a large project. Creating a robust but simple product in a complex, changing and challenging landscape is no small feat.

The product realizes the vision that an online store can be simple to setup, easy to manage, incorporate sophisticated but sleek processes and boast mindful design. Robust and pleasing on the eye!

Shopper expectation is not placed above the storeowner’s practical needs, nor does the product display lose priority over technical functionality. Mooblr has incorporated diverse demands in an elegant and understated system:

  • The storeowner (whether a one man endeavour or a large organization) will be grateful for simple setup, easy store management, automated backups and stable hosting. A reliable deal that makes it truly easy to sell!
  • Even the most discerning customer will concede that shopping from a Mooblr store is not only a visually pleasing experience, but also that the sleek checkout process is effortless.
  • Larger thumbnails, bigger product images and thoughtful layout have ensured that the product is the center of attention in any store.
  • Third party developers would rejoice at knowing that the system is well documented and even better supported.
  • The designer will delight by the fact that building a theme using Mooblr’s sleek theme SDK ensures simplicity and complete design control.
  • Soon, even Affiliates will realise that good design can be resold differently.

Mooblr’s base product is the stepping stone for bigger, better and bolder commerce ideas. Ideas that connect the unconnected. We are changing commerce, we invite you to be a part of the change.


We are in Private Beta and will open up for Public Beta in 2011.

About Beverley Merriman

Bev is a business woman by day and writer by night. In her spare time she is a gym bunny and quote collector.

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