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The Wicked Pixel

Even professionals need tips, tricks and cool tools at some point, right? Nobody warns you that business partners are prone to insanity. It should be written on some entrepreneurship guide. Sean spent all week poking me with what closely resembles a pitchfork to learn HTML5. My nerves are shot. I’m too glad to be back…

News Roundup: November 2010

As a public service, I figured out how to get rid of call centre agents in two words. “I’m unemployed.” (I meant to say self-employed, no biggie, generally people don’t seem to understand the difference between the two when you’re running a startup). Unfortunately when I shared this advice on Twitter, it backfired. Twitter doesn’t…

15 Well design E-Commerce Stores

When designing an e-commerce store, you should be focussing on one thing and one thing only: sales conversions. You want to try and minimize the time between when the user first lands on your site to where they make their first purchase. Your design, structure and entire application flow should be goal based from the start. Critical to…

News Roundup: October 2010

Twice as delicious with half the calories. A digest of this month’s news. Social Media Doctors advise that blogging should be consistent. In an attempt not to contract any sort of blogging disease we’ve decided to bring you a monthly news roundup. Prevention is better than cure. Sean mentioned something about celebrating small victories… I…