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Sean is a designer, coder, user experience pundit, skydiver and Porsche enthusiast.

21 Mistakes Freelancers Should Avoid

At Wixel we consider ourselves a ‘Freelance Friendly’ company. We work with many freelancers.  In this post, I try to highlight mistakes we’ve seen made and suggest how to avoid those mistakes. Despite the title, this post applies to anyone starting out on their own – not only freelance designers or developers. Mistake #1 –…

David Heinemeier Hanson Talks About Making Money Online

David Heinemeier Hanson talks about making money online. Stop worrying about being the next Facebook or Twitter and focus on building a sustainable long term business.

TitaniumPHP – PHP Console Framework

TitaniumPHP is a flexible PHP console environment intended to run within your project context – similar to Django’s built in shell utility. Things you can do with TitaniumPHP: Test code Run cron jobs Create custom functions Manage your code Test environments Create command line apps with ease Test databases Debug performance issues Reflection Download it…

11 Steps to Launching a Successful Website

Launching a website can be as complicated or as easy as you make it out to be. Here is a list that might help you along the way. Create a product that’s usable and adds value – it does not have to be perfect. Ensure you have a marketing strategy ready to go (including submission strategy to sites…

15 Well design E-Commerce Stores

When designing an e-commerce store, you should be focussing on one thing and one thing only: sales conversions. You want to try and minimize the time between when the user first lands on your site to where they make their first purchase. Your design, structure and entire application flow should be goal based from the start. Critical to…

Starkers Photoshop Template

I like having things structured when I do Photoshop work. I’ve created a blank Photoshop template with folder structures and grids in place to save you time. Preview: Created with Photoshop CS3. Download Here